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Experience the serenity of Lindisfarne Priory, cut off from the world on the beautiful Holy Island. Take in panoramic views of the Northumbrian coast, unpack a picnic in the priory grounds, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Wander the richly-decorated, extensive ruins and explore the fascinating history of this site in the exciting visitor centre.

With lively interpretation discover the enthralling story of the monks who lived on Holy Island, the grisly Viking invasions and the part which Henry VIII played in the history of the Priory. Lindisfarne Priory, the original home to the Lindisfarne Gospels, was one of the most important centres of early Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England.

Founded by St Aidan in AD635, the site owes its fame to St Cuthbert, the greatest of Northumbrian holy men, who lived and died there. Stroll around the Monastic buildings which formed the living quarters of the monks, the remote setting adds to the unique atmosphere of the Priory. The causeway floods at high tide, so it is very important to check the tide times before crossing.

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Gonefishingx, Melbourne, Australia
Bearing in mind that there are a lot of buildings in the UK that look just like this it is still interesting due to the history. The original priory is gone and the one there now is the remains of the medieval priory. There is a great view into the priory from the hill behind the priory.

Great for taking photos

Gareth S, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
1. The picture on Trip Advisor is for Lindisfarne Castle and not Lindisfarne Priory. They are two different places. The castle is further to walk. Currently [August 2017] is shut for and covered in scaffolding for repair work. 2. Need to watch out for tide times. The island is cut off from the main land at high tide. Getting trapped on the island means spending more time in the pub!! They do sell Holy Island Ale though LOL 3. It gets very busy with tourists. I do not understand all the pilgrimage stuff but for me the Priory is good for photography - as is the whole island. If you just want to take photos and not pay to go inside, it is possible to walk around the outside - ending up at watch tower. I believe better photos are available from this viewpoint.

Well worth a visit

bac2thesun, Birmingham, United Kingdom
surprisingly there is a lot to see on this little island and it is well worth a visit. Sadly the castle was closed for renovations but the priory ruins and the village and church are lovely to walk around. Best are the beaches which are amazing, huge with hardly anyone on them, so peaceful.

Priory and museum - English Heritage (the photo on TA shows the castle)

Claire L,
Although the castle is closed for renovation, the ruined priory and its museum are well worth a visit. You can buy a guide book but there are some signs telling what the rooms would have been in the priory grounds. The museum is small but gives information so suggest visiting that first and then the ruins. Nice gift shop selling preserves and wines - tasters are available. Park in the car park at the end of the causeway (£4.40 for the day) and explore the island.

Nice setting, needs more information boards

PBPG, Leeds, England, United Kingdom
We went to see the castle but it is closed, and will be for sometime. The priory was inetresting as was the church nearby. It does need more information boards to tell the story



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