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Discover life in a historic fishing village. Discover the Mary Joicey all weather lifeboat and the Girl Anne fishing coble. Visit the 65 seat Breakwater Café serving local food, overlooking the picturesque bay and displaying art work. We are open all year; we can provide space for business functions or groups in our Latimer Function Room which also accommodates more professional Art Exhibitions. Car & coach park and bus terminus adjacent to the site. We have the longest promenade in Northumberland, a nearby children's playground and a sandy beach with rock pools. St. Bartholomew's Church is adjacent to us and the UK's oldest operational lifeboat station is close by. Sean Henry's offshore sculpture "Couple" is in the bay, the Newbiggin Art Trail starts at the entrance and birdwatching, golf, fishing, sailing and other water sports are available nearby. We have a programme of regular events including music gigs, drama performances, contemporary dance and a strong community engagement programme through outreach and education.

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Nice for a snack and coffee

jembleton, London, United Kingdom
Nice for a snack and coffee when at the beach, good place to have a look at or use the toilet. shop and snack bar

Very Nice

Hazel S, Chesterfield, United Kingdom
We had a walk along the beach and then went to the Maritime Centre for a cup of tea. Really reasonably priced, nice café area. There is also a gift shop and toilets and a museum, which there is a small charge for

VIP Booth-by-the-Sea

KreedofKrieg, Northumberland, United Kingdom
This was the first time I've ever been to the Maritime Centre at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. Like most people, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea was something that was only known on the peripheral; I was aware of it, and had no cause to go and visit it. Training to become a volunteer for the forthcoming Tall Ship Regatta 2016 in Blyth, I went on a day trip to several locations in order to learn their histories, so that I may pass them onto people visiting the Regatta, and the last of the five I went to was the Maritime Centre. The scenery of the beach was very striking. Its not natural, it being cultivated by years of planning, but even so, the curving of the promenade and the Skegness imported sand gives the area an amphitheatre-like quality to its surroundings, with the water, coastline, and local art given centre stage to this amphitheatre. And residing at the spot, is VIP booth that is the Maritime Centre. Inside and outside there's a bustle to the people coming and going, both in, out, and around the Maritime Centre, but there was no feeling of congestion to the crowd's movements. Being there with a purpose, I took to the museum and took note of the strengths and weaknesses of the place, and the strengths is that it has an abundance of artefacts and material relating to Newbiggin's history and industrious heritage, as well as the oldest lifeguard station in the country, which is still active today. The Mary Joicey is by the far greatest aspect of the museum's collection, a decommissioned life guard boat that now resides inside the Maritime centre's largest room. The Latimer room adjacent to the museum, offers a collection of art provided by local artisans, displaying their talent for all to see and judge. I was pleased to note, that the works get changed over for new works, providing more reason to revisit this place in the future. The food at the cafe is nothing unique or special, but the key aspect of this location is that it offers outdoor seating and tables for visitors. A word of caution, is that if arrive later in the day, your chance of getting an outdoor seating becomes much reduced, and as can be expected of a popular location, the numbers of tables and chairs are infinite. But regardless, indoors is just as quaint, and provide am un-spoilt view of the coast while you have your meal. A key aspect of the Marrtime Centre, however, is the friendliness that this place exudes from its staff, possibly due to the influence of Cher, themanager that works there. Upbeat, friendly, and full of information, Cher was most helpful in answering my questions about the place. Activities seem to reoccur a lot at the Maritime centre, and if you're a parent looking for activities for your young family to be a part of, its worth following the centre on Facebook, and keep a close eye on some of the activities that take place there, throughout the year.

First visit with Children

Gary A,
My wife and I have spent many a happy time in the cafe after our usual walk around the bay but on this occasion we came with relatives their boys aged 3 and 18months. It had never occurred to me on passed visits how unfriendly the toilets are for children. I was nominated to take their eldest boy to the gents toilets and was shocked to realise that everything is sized to suit adults only!!! The urinal is far too high so they need to install one for children the same applies to the sink to wash hands and also the hand dryer I cannot believe that the designers/ planners did not consider facilities for children It was also realised that there is no nappy changing facility in the gents either!! I sincerely hope that this issue can be addressed as the cafe is excellent

2017 Easter Kites

mark m, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
A Lovely day out. Not as busy as other places along the coast, which is a good thing. Nice relaxing day out.

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